Honeylab Skin Texture Pack (Zin Fit Base)

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♡ 4k Textures created for ZinPia's Zin Fit Base.

♡ Made to work with both your favorite anime and realistic heads.

♡ Skin textures are detailed from head to toe, including the nsfw areas.

♡ Nails are detailed on both hands and feet.

♡ Strategically shaded to work with and without unity shaders.

♡ Comes with 6 additional matching skin tones for your favorite VRChat heads for a quick texture upgrade.

♡ Comes with 19 skin textures to choose from, all in a clean and organized folder!

♡ Special bikini included and comes in 17 colors for you to try!

Bikini - 15,856 Poly


♡Credit me when using.

♡These textures + mesh are for both personal and commercial use.

♡These textures + mesh cannot be used on free avatars, nitro avatars, public avatars, or avatars that cost below $20.

♡Textures on finished Commercial and Private models are allowed to be edited and modified to your personal liking.

♡It is prohibited to use my textures + mesh to sell tattoos/additional textures, either paid or free.

♡Do not resell or redistribute the item or sell pieces of it.

♡It is prohibited to remove or cover my watermark.

In the event that any of the rules above are broken, you could be subject to the DMCA.©

Thank you for your support and for valuing my terms of service, enjoy your new textures! ♥

Base used for promotion:

♡Zin Fit Base


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Last updated Jun 9, 2023

Honeylab Skin Texture Pack includes 19 Skin textures and 1 Bikini fbx files total with 17 Bikini textures making it 36 textures in total.

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Honeylab Skin Texture Pack (Zin Fit Base)

129 ratings
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